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Malatya's Golden Delight: Yellow Dried Apricot

As GOLD HÜMA, we are the producers of Malatya's golden fruit, the yellow dried apricot, which creates unique flavors when it meets the soil under the sunlight. The volcanic soil, abundant sunlight, and rare climatic conditions of Malatya enhance the taste and nutritional value of the apricot to the peak. GOLD HÜMA is dedicated to offering this unique flavor to the entire world.

Features of the Yellow Dried Apricot

The apricot of Malatya dazzles with its bright yellow color and large granular structure. As the fruit loses its juice, the taste becomes more intense, and the natural sugar content increases. This makes our apricot an essential part of not only sweet snacks but also healthy diets.

Its Position in the World Market

GOLD HÜMA, which accounts for a significant part of the world's apricot production and export, stands out in global markets with its quality. Our products are cultivated and processed according to international food safety and quality standards. This guarantees that each GOLD HÜMA apricot presents a flavor and quality of world standards.

The Difference from Apricots in Other Countries

The most significant feature that distinguishes Malatya yellow apricot from other apricot varieties in the world is the richness of its taste and aroma. GOLD HÜMA apricots, when processed with natural drying methods, preserve all the vitamins and minerals inside the fruit. This makes them both delicious and nutritious.

If you want to experience this unique flavor, reach out to us and allow the pure taste to come to your doorstep. Enjoy a Malatya yellow apricot of world standards with GOLD HÜMA!


Below, you can find the measurements of our sulfured (Golden) dried apricots in different sizes. If you prefer dried apricots in smaller or larger sizes according to your needs, this table will guide you.


Kilo Başına Adet Sayısı


0 (Jumbo)

60 - 80


81 - 100

36 mm veya daha büyük


101 - 120

32 - 36 mm


121 - 140

29 - 36 mm


141 - 160

26 - 32 mm


161 - 180

24 - 29 mm


181 - 200

24 - 26 mm


201 - 220

21 - 26 mm


221 - +

20 mm veya daha düşük


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